We acquired our first real estate in Nottingham in 2014- the model here is somewhat different to our approach in Bristol in that we look to acquire mainly houses of multiple occupation (HMO) in order to diversify our student housing portfolio but we still retain our high standards of construction and management as we do everywhere else in the portfolio. Nottingham is another large student city with 33,400 students at the University of Nottingham and 27,000 at Nottingham Trent. Here, we saw that there was a shortfall in quality accommodation at a reasonable price and wanted to provide a service to fit this gap. We have built up this portfolio over 4 years, bringing the current total to 82 beds across 15 houses/flats.
We follow the property process from; purchase, to development, to management. We differentiate ourselves by believing that it is important to invest in the development stage of our student HMOs. Many competitors in the area provide a low quality finish that is not built to last, whereas we work to a higher specification with customer satisfaction and longevity at front of mind.

We also direct let our own properties using our website, Google and social media. Marketing our own properties provides a seamless end to end customer journey, giving the tenant time to get to know our brand and operations in depth before moving in with us and reducing variance of message that can be experienced when third parties are concerned.

After securing the tenant we provide a reactive maintenance service, where nothing is too much trouble and issues are fixed quickly. Providing this service ourselves enables us to have a clear oversight on everything that is going on with our properties.

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