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At Steyn Capital we focus our efforts on three fundamental real estate development strategies. We believe that through careful consideration of the market place and best in class development practices we are able to provide risk adjusted returns in tier one cities across the US. The three strategies that we implement are:


SC from time to time acquires unleveraged, low-risk stable return real estate with predictable cash flows in areas where it is either unable to add significant value through its network or to bolster cash flow.

In this strategy Steyn Capital invests in stable, fully leased, multi-tenant properties within strong, diversified metropolitan areas.

build to core_

SC secures prime development or redevelopment sites either directly or through our partner base across the US. SC then develops projects with the latest amenities and technologies designed to outperform comparable existing product from a user’s perspective and reduce maintenance from an owners perspective.

This in turn creates significant value once assets are well-leased and stabilized. In turns forming high-income producing core investments which will be held for the long term and sold, if desired, at an opportunistic time.

value add / rehab_

SC acquires middle market multi-family real estate with a GDV of $5-15m across tier one cities in the US.

We then add significant value through rehabilitation and/or repositioning of the real estate before holding for the long term through tax-efficient structuring.

real estate private equity_

Steyn Capital invests at each level of the capital stack to ensure risk adjusted returns. These investments include providing capital as:

limited partner_

SC typically focuses our resources on partnering with local GPs with regional expertise to provide a risk adjusted return for our investors across the United States.

SC pride ourselves on aligning the interests of all members of the capital stack to ensure the success of each of our investments.

general partner_

SC partners with third party capital and local operators to capitalize investments in real estate across the asset class spectrum.

Again SC ensures that incentives are aligned for seamless capital collaboration.


SC Provide debt on a short term basis to local operators who seek to reposition real estate within tier 1 cities in the US.

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Is to provide trustworthy, patient capital to exceptional professions whose vision is aligned with ours in creating sustainable investments that have a positive impact on the world in which we live.

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