Working with exceptional people

2017 is set to be a big year for Steyn Capital. We have officially entered a new market and set up shop in Venice, CA. We couldn’t be more excited about the investment pipeline we have ahead of us, with two projects in Brooklyn, NY and one in Los Angeles, CA both targeted at providing a co-living solution for millennials. This is a space that we are particularly passionate about and something that we will dedicate a decent portion of these blogs to thinking over and targeting.

For us what excites us more than anything is working with exceptional talent. This is something that we have been very fortunate to have fostered with our operation in the UK and a topic that, having experienced first-hand the upside of, is something that we are particularly passionate about. Many exceptional individuals the world over attribute their success to being surrounded by A++ people- those that are trustworthy, driven and intelligent and at Steyn Capital we are eternally grateful for those that we have the fortune of surrounding ourselves with on a daily basis and look forward in the future to expanding this network still further.

This belief stems beyond just those directly employed to those that we partner with and otherwise engage with. Each component of a supply chain is as integral to the success of an organisation as each other. To us this also stems down to our customer base. Whilst you can’t dictate the quality of your customer, our belief is that by providing an A++ service or product, delivered by A++ people you will attract A++ customers. There will obviously be exceptions, but we are committed to upholding this mindset as a central tenant of everything that we do at Steyn Capital.

If this vision resonates with you and you wish to be a part of our incredible journey, please feel free to leave your details or email the partners directly –

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